FarmVille GagaVille Sneak Peek: Chrome Cow, Purple Disco Sheep, Giant Crystal Lake and more

While we've already gone completely gaga for the Lady Gaga "GagaVille" farm in FarmVille, it looks as though some of the individual decorations seen on this new farm might be coming to the game's store as items you can purchase for your own farm. We've come across a set of animals and decorative items that look to have some greater purpose in the game outside of the GagaVille neighbor farm, even if it just ends up being that they're awarded to us through any of the GagaVille quests in the game.

The items are the Purple Disco Sheep, the Giant Crystal Lake, a Chrome Cow and Chrome Calf, a Pink Ponytail Horse and Pink Ponytail Foal and a regular Crystal Lake. While I would love to say that these items are 100% coming to the store, we unfortunately don't know that. It's likely that some of these items will be released as quest rewards, as both the Fire Fountain and the Electric Chapel were before them, but right now all we can do is wait and see.

We'll make sure to let you know the exact fate of these new GagaVille-themed items, so keep checking back.

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Would you like these items to be given away from quests, or would you like to be able to purchase more than one by having them in the store? Let us know in the comments.