Cop Canned for Kissing Inmate

Kissing Inmate Don't make a pass at the prisoners. It seems like a fairly easy rule to remember, and yet a Florida police officer was fired after he was accused of trying to kiss a female inmate from a local detention center.

It seems that an inmate from the Hernando County Detention Center was cleaning the offices of the Brooksville Police Dept. as part of her trustee duties. According to allegations, the inmate was tidying up the patrol room when Officer Marc Davidoff snuck up behind her. When she turned around, he grabbed her by the hand, wrapped his other hand around her neck and pulled her toward him trying to kiss her, according to the internal investigation report.

She pushed him away, and discreetly reported him to his superiors, who put a concealed microphone on her so that she could record her conversation with Davidoff as he drove her back to the jail facility.

The recording is reported to reveal Davidoff admitting several times to the kissing incident, and asking the woman what she thought about it. He also allegedly told her that he liked her, had faith in her, and told her that he would try to help her find a job if she would call him when she was released.

"It's obviously conduct that's unbecoming of a police officer," Brooksville Police Chief George Turner told the St. Petersburg Times. "It's bad for her and it's bad for us. There was no way he was going to continue to be employed here."

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