'Pan Am', ABC Show, To Explore 1960s Flying Culture


Were the 1960s really that wonderful a time that we need to go back and visit?

According to ABC, it seems, they were. The network has ordered up episodes of "Pan Am", a retro-look at the glamor (and, presumably, downside) to being a flight attendant for Pan Am in the 1960s, Reuters reports.

The show will probably be based on some truths as the executive producer, Nancy Hult Ganis, was a flight attendant for Pan Am for seven years.

Christina Ricci is slated to star on the show, which has been picked up for the 2011-2012 season.

Is ABC trying to fill the void left by "Mad Men", which won't return to the air until 2012?

Check out a clip of the new show below, complete with pastel uniforms, weight checks and mentions of stockings.

Does it leave you wanting more--or even less?

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