Maria Shriver House-Hunt Rumors Flying

Maria Shriver divorceWith the revelation that Guvinator Arnold Schwarzenegger had a love child 10 years ago with a married woman on his staff, there is only one question on the lips of Greater Los Angeles Realtors: Where will Maria move? California's former first lady moved out of the family's Brentwood mansion after her husband told her of the affair, and speculation about her real estate plans began immediately. (Hey, this is a city where fatalities on the freeway are often remembered by the extent of the traffic jam they caused.)

When the pair announced their separation, it was done amicably and there were even some reports of reconciliation hopes on Arnold's part. Friends close to Maria allowed as to how she had been unhappy in the marriage for several years but stood by her man during his just-concluded second gubernatorial term.

But enter today's bombshell news that the former governor-actor fathered a child with someone right under Maria's nose, and the scandal-ometer has jumped into the red zone.

There is very little known publicly about where Maria is living at the moment but we do know that she has been seen looking at places to rent, not buy. She has apparently enlisted the talents of uber-agent Joyce Rey, the grand dame of Coldwell Banker Beverly Hills North office, to assist her. (Rey did not return our calls or emails.)

Not that long ago, Maria and Rey were seen entering the Carlyle on Wilshire, a posh compound on Los Angeles' Wilshire Boulevard corridor of high rises. The Carlyle is home to celebrities including Larry King and Bruce Willis. Each unit is accessible only by private elevator and there is a 24-hour concierge service. The compound, known for its security, was developed by Elad Properties, which also developed New York's Plaza Hotel. Maria was strictly interested in leasing there, not buying.

Rumor also had Maria looking at a Brentwood home for sale, but we'd dispense with those rumors for several reasons: The house targeted by gossip pundits and bloggers was well below her price range, and she's a smart enough cookie to know that in times of stress, it's best to not make major real-estate decisions.

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