Hong Kong on High: Time Lapse Video From Ritz-Carlton - World's Highest Hotel

This AOL Travel exclusive Hong Kong time lapse video was shot from the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, the world's highest hotel.

The speed and activity of Hong Kong along with the immense scale, and the kinetic energy are often hard to translate to those who haven't been there. Hong Kong is in constant motion and you just want to dive in.

I dove in for two years and loved every minute of my time there. On a recent trip back I visited the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, the world's highest hotel. The Ritz is 480 meters high and takes up floors 102 through 118 in Hong Kong's newest skyscraper, the ICC.

The Ritz provided a fantastic platform to shoot from, as blogger Melanie Nayer found out when she attended the opening back in March, 2011.

The segments of this time lapse video were taken from the 111th floor, and from the Ritz's infinity swimming pool on the 118th floor.

In the video you can see Kowloon in the first segment. The second bit shows Kowloon with the main island across Victoria Harbor. The third clip shows ferries zooming around with Sheung Wan in the distance and the fourth is where the main Hong Kong commercial port traffic flows.

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