FarmVille fans Marry the Night in GagaVille, but some want a divorce

FarmVille GagaVille
The GagaVille promotion has essentially been infused into nearly every aspect of FarmVille: Gaga Goals, Gaga crops, Gaga decorations, Gaga vehicles--no facet of the game has been left untouched by the omnipotent Gaga. (... And one more Gaga for good measure.) For some, Lady Gaga didn't just relight their spark for the game, but has "brought a wildfire of awesomeness" to Zynga's farm simulator, according to FarmVille forum contributor RobToro. Before and since GagaVille was launched in the game, players have been typing away in a 70-page long (and growing) thread, giving their impressions.

Some players, like contributor metsgirl84, aren't too thrilled about Lady Gaga's stay in FarmVille. "Not [really] interested... I noticed that they unrolled gaga items for the other games too," metsgirl84 writes. "I'd much rather have some of the bugs fixed so I can enjoy the games again instead of a purple unicorn." Fair enough, and a valid point, but the game would be quite a bore if all Zynga did was fix things, no?

FarmVile Lady Gaga
Other players simply don't like the promotion because they feel as if it's been put upon them, like Tajidog1, who thinks this GagaVille promotion has been "shoved down our throats." The contributor continues to say that, because of this, he's ready to give up the game entirely.

Another contributor, SharonM4, is downright experiencing issues with her FarmVille game because of the promotion: "I wish the promo would go away," SharonM4 writes. "When I travel to my home farm, Lady Gaga's farm is overlayed and I can't even get to my stables and horses! Tried different browsers and different computers to no avail. Everything new anymore is glitched in so many different ways for so many different people, its absurd."

FarmVille goes gaga for Gaga
While there are a good portion of players out there who aren't exactly excited about Lady Gaga's pit stop on the farm before her album drops, we noticed that already Gaga has created a few monsters. "I've listened to 'Marry the Night' three times in a row now," BeeBuh admits. "I actually really like it. I've never been real big on her... I think this may change my opinion of her music."

Another potential convert, BreakWater, even draws comparisons between Lady Gaga and Pat Benatar (we're as confused as you are), so we'll take that as a Monster in the making. As the promotion continues, we predict even more Monsters will be created with an equal amount of haters in the mix. It seems as if Gaga's polarizing aura have permeated even FarmVille.

What are your thoughts on the GagaVille promotion? Has the new mini game turned you into a Monster (or even more of one), or does your disdain for irreverent artist grow still? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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