FarmVille GagaVille: Visit the GagaVille farm and complete quests for prizes and music


Get ready for it farmers! Lady Gaga has officially invaded FarmVille via the GagaVille cross-promotion. There's a new farm to visit, a music player to jam out to, and new quests to complete, one per day until May 26, rewarding you with fantastic exclusive (and of course themed) prizes all along the way. To start, you'll receive the above pop-up when logging into the game. This introduces you to the GagaVille farm itself, which is found where the Model Farm usually sits in your friends bar.

Once there, you'll see bouncing Crystal Sheep, a gorgeous reflective pond, and a load of crystals shooting out from what appears to be the overall GagaVille floating island in a purple sky. If Lady Gaga can be described as unusual, this farm has definitely followed suit. But enough with the sightseeing! We're here for the prizes! For just visiting the farm, you'll receive a free Chrome Daisy Bed decoration which can be found in your Gift Box.

Find out more about these free items, and the first quest in the GagaVille series behind the break.