FarmVille GagaVille: Visit the GagaVille farm and complete quests for prizes and music

Get ready for it farmers! Lady Gaga has officially invaded FarmVille via the GagaVille cross-promotion. There's a new farm to visit, a music player to jam out to, and new quests to complete, one per day until May 26, rewarding you with fantastic exclusive (and of course themed) prizes all along the way. To start, you'll receive the above pop-up when logging into the game. This introduces you to the GagaVille farm itself, which is found where the Model Farm usually sits in your friends bar.

Once there, you'll see bouncing Crystal Sheep, a gorgeous reflective pond, and a load of crystals shooting out from what appears to be the overall GagaVille floating island in a purple sky. If Lady Gaga can be described as unusual, this farm has definitely followed suit. But enough with the sightseeing! We're here for the prizes! For just visiting the farm, you'll receive a free Chrome Daisy Bed decoration which can be found in your Gift Box.

Find out more about these free items, and the first quest in the GagaVille series behind the break.

Once you're done gazing at the GagaVille farm, you'll be able to start the first quest in the GagaVille quest series. Remember, these quests are only available for a single 24-hour period, so you'll need to move fast to complete them all (and therefore receive all of the great prizes along the way).

The first quest is quite simple - "Welcome to Gaga" has you simply visiting the GagaVille farm (which we did above), and then plowing and planting six squares of one of the three new GagaVille crops.

Visit GagaVille
Plow 6 Plots
Plant 6 Crystals

This isn't a case where Farm Cash can help you, and frankly, you don't really need it. Even if you delete the Crystal squares after you finish this mission (say, if you already have crops growing and don't want to wait), you'll finish this first mission in just a matter of minutes, and will receive a slew of rewards.

First, you'll receive 2,500 coins and a Fire Fountain, which is a new animated decoration that will go into your Gift Box. The other two prizes are related to the in-game Lady Gaga music player. A purple icon will appear in the top right corner of your gameplay area, allowing you to listen to a preview of Marry the Night from Lady Gaga's upcoming CD. You'll need to complete future quests to unlock more VIP Tickets, allowing you to listen to more songs before the album's release.

For Lady Gaga fans, who are perhaps new to the game, and have joined simply to listen to the new album - these are the complete songs, but they will only be available to stream until the next quest launches at the end of the 24 hour period.

Remember to return your farms at least once a day to complete the next quest, and listen to a new song from the album. We'll make sure to bring you guides about each quest to help you through, so keep checking back with us!

What do you think of the GagaVille experience? Are you enjoying getting a sneak peek of Lady Gaga's new album via FarmVille? Let us know in the comments.
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