FarmVille: GagaVille has launched - get ready to go gaga with new trees, animals and more!

Hold your fancy shiny hats farmers! GagaVille has officially launched in FarmVille! While it may not be May 17 for the West Coast, the East Cost is already there, and Zynga has flipped the switch on this fantastic new expansion! There's an absolute slew of stuff going on here, starting with a massive store update, including two trees, some animals, plenty of decorations, and even avatar clothing items.

We'll start with the two trees - the Gem Tree, and the Giant Gem Tree. Remember, these trees starting appearing from Mystery Seedlings early this evening, so you don't have to purchase either from the store if you don't want to; that is, if you feel a bit lucky at receiving them through the free Mystery Seedlings methods. If you'd rather not wait, you can purchase a single Gem Tree or Giant Gem Tree for 7 and 12 Farm Cash, respectively.

You can find the rest of the GagaVille animals, decorations and clothing items behind the break.
Moving on to the barnyard, you'll be able to purchase three new animals: a Purple Ponytail horse costs 26 Farm Cash, a Crystal Sheep costs 20 Farm Cash and a Fame Sheep costs 20 Farm Cash. Unfortunately, my prediction about high priced items seems to be coming true. While the Purple Ponytail horse has a typical horse price, the two sheep have been given Sheep Breeding prices, rather than those for typical limited edition animals. That's the price of a high-profile cross-promotion, I suppose.

Remember, if you purchase the Purple Ponytail horse, you'll have a chance of breeding the Purple Ponytail foal when placing this horse in your Horse Stable.

Next, we hit the decorations tab of the store, which comes stocked with a Crystal Flowerbed costing 2,000 coins (not labeled as part of the GagaVille limited edition theme, but we're pretty sure that's an oversight), a Black Rose Arch for 10,000 coins, a Crystal Fountain for 18 Farm Cash, a Crystal Stage at 15 Farm Cash, the Enchanted Forest priced at 200,000 coins, and the Violet Gem which costs 20,000 coins.

Before you splurge on all of these items simply because they're labeled as GagaVille, remember that some of them are actually re-releases from other themes. The Black Rose Arch, for instance, was first seen back in last year's Halloween event, while the Enchanted Forest was first launched in February's Fairy Tale event. Laziness? That'll be up to you to decide, but the items are there for you to purchase again if you'd like.

If you were expecting this theme to launch without a vehicle to call your own, your assumption would be wrong, as you can spend 200,000 coins on a new Bedazzled Tractor. The Tractor functions the same as other vehicles, and can be upgraded to plow more land at once via the use of Vehicle Parts.

Finally, there are three avatar clothing items in the store - one for boys and girls, and another that works equally well for both genders. The Sparkly Glasses go for 5 Farm Cash and are a simple accessory, while the Gaga Fan Outfit will allow female players the chance to dress in an outlandish costume (of course inspired by the Lady herself) for 10 Farm Cash. Also for 10 Farm Cash, the male costume is called the Biker Outfit.

All of these items, except for the Crystal Flowerbed (which, again, we think is a mistake as of this writing), are limited to only being available for the next two weeks. Within that time, we may see other decorations released in this theme, and if we do, we'll make sure to let you know.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of the GagaVille experience so far. Are you impressed with the decorations, animals, trees, and other items already released, or were you expecting something more? Let us know in the comments.
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