FarmVille: GagaVille free gifts available - go gaga for free!


If you thought that some of the prices on the GagaVilledecorations, animals, and avatar clothing items in FarmVille were too expensive, you can rest assured that Zynga has released a way for you to get in on the fun of GagaVille absolutely free via a set of new free gifts. Actually, the word "new" doesn't describe this whole set, as there are some re-released items being included, but they're all exciting items all the same.

The completely new free gifts are the Black Roses Bed, the Neon Pink Fence and the Chrome Hay Bale. Meanwhile, you can continue in the purple and pink theme set out by GagaVille by sending your friends Purple Valentine Cows, Pink Heart Hays, Violet Hay Bales and squares of Pink Greenery. None of these items require you to go to to send - you can send them all directly from the comfort of Facebook just as any other free gift.

While these items are exciting, they are still restricted to the same limits as other free gifts - you can only send out a certain number of requests per day, and you'll only be able to send a single friend one request everyday as well. Hopefully, you have a lot of friends that can help you receive tons of each item, if you're like me and want to collect mass quantities of each.

Either way, we'd love to know what you think of these Lady Gaga-inspired free gifts. Will you help your friends collect these news items, or are you more interested in stocking up on Purple Valentine Cows? Let us know in the comments.