FarmVille: GagaVille Crops and crafting jobs now available


With tonight's launch of GagaVille in FarmVille, we see the launch of three new crops: Chrome Daisies, Electric Roses, and a crop simply called Crystals. Someone hold me, I think I might faint. Here's the full stats for each crop:

Chrome Daisies: Plant for 30 coins; harvest after eight hours for 70 coins; 1XP gained per square
Electric Roses: Plant for 40 coins; harvest after 12 hours for 100 coins; 2 XP gained per square
Crystals: Plant for 50 coins; harvest after one day for 200 coins; 3 XP gained per square

Luckily, as all three of these crops are able to be mastered, you'll have almost two months to get the job done - 55 days in total. There are new crafting jobs to go along with these crops, and you can learn all about them behind the break.