Earn 3 free FrontierVille Horseshoes in American Express promotion


I never thought we'd see the day, but it looks as though Zynga has decided to bring its system of free premium currency offers to FrontierVille. Similar to the set of sponsored links we frequently find under the gameplay area in FarmVille, that offer two free Farm Cash for participating in a short activity, we've now seen the launch of a free Horseshoe campaign underneath FrontierVille (just look for the banner above under the flash area).

This campaign brings us a survey about the American Express rewards program. Yes, this is a replica of the American Express promotion that gave away two free Farm Cash in FarmVIlle just a short time ago, but the great thing is that you aren't limited to choosing which game to receive the free currency in. Even if you completed the FarmVille activity, you're more than welcome to take the same survey here and earn three free Horseshoes.

It doesn't appear as though they've yet integrated the "automatic update" feature for FrontierVille, so you will have to actually refresh your game to see that your Horseshoes have arrived safely. Still, for free Horseshoes (in a game where premium currency is rather expensive), I'm not complaining about having to refresh the game. Bring on the Horseshoes!

Have you spotted this promotion under your Homestead in FrontierVille? Are you excited to see more of these cross-promotional activities in the future? Let us know in the comments.