Arkadium's Social Science infographic shows off the company's stats on Facebook

While most Facebook or even simply casual gamers understand many of the major trends in the landscape - that most social gamers are female, that gamers are willing to spend real money on virtual items, etc. - Arkadium has taken a deeper look at their own suite of games, offering us a fun, yet still informative infographic detailing all things from Mahjongg Dimensions to their Facebook adaptation of the casual game Cooking Mama.

So what did we learn? We've seen a confirmation that the majority of Arkadium's players are female - at a figure of 71%, to be exact. I hate to break out a stereotype, but Cooking Mama's audience might account for the biggest female swing, as (even outside of the cooking gameplay), the game is simply filled with every stereotypically female color or pattern known to man - pink and purple of all shades, along with glitter and sparkles. It's something the girly-girls have to love.

But what if you're more into matching patterns on cubes? With Mahjongg Dimensions still pulling in over one million players every month, it looks like those that have stuck around are pretty loyal, as they've built up a high average score: 1,051,417 points per game. And these players aren't just playing by themselves, as over 22.7 million free gifts have been sent between players. Could it be the fact that you'll unlock new bonuses in each game that drives the high rate of gifts sent? That is, rather than a "useless" item, most of Mahjongg Dimension's gifts have a definite purpose. That's something to think about for new developers trying their hand at social games - that usefulness and function could very well drive virality over pretty colors.

But that's not all; in fact, the infographic is just getting started.

We've learned that Arkadium knows how to keep players interested over long periods of time, as both Solitaire Heaven and Writer's Blox keep players entertained for lengthy gameplay sessions. The average player spends 20 minutes in Solitaire Heaven each time they log in, while Writer's Blox users can spend an average of 16 minutes on a single puzzle in the game.

Finally, heading back to Cooking Mama, we've learned that a whopping 5,035,709 meals have been served, but we weren't given an exact time frame for how long it took to reach this number - just that it was within the "past few months." Either way, this is an impressive figure, made even more so when combined with the fact that players have visited their friends' kitchens over 12 million times.

What does all of this mean in the long run? Ultimately, Arkadium's player-base has proven to be a dedicated one, and the company is feeling mighty proud of what they've accomplished - and with good reason. Mahjongg Dimensions, the company's biggest game, may have a relatively small set of users, but the numbers are stable. Even big names like Zynga can't say that, as their games seem to be losing players at an alarming pace. With these numbers backing up Arkadium's success, it will be interesting to see where the go from here.

Are you a fan of Arkadium's games? Do any of these stats surprise you? What do you think Arkadium could do to better challenge the big names in the space for supremacy? Sound off in the comments.
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