20 Jobs of the Future

future job What will jobs and employment look like in 2020, 2030 and beyond? What are the mega-trends shaping tomorrow's careers and what new opportunities can we and our children look forward to?

Although vitally important to position yourself for a great job today, it's just as important to consider tomorrow and all that it will have to offer. AOL Jobs spoke to Wendy Enelow, Founder of the Career Thought Leaders Consortium, a global career industry think tank for some insights. Here's just a sampling of both current emerging professions and those which may exist in the not-to-distant future.

Future Jobs in Space
  • Exobotanists and Exozoologists will study potential life forms on other planets outside our solar system.
  • Space Sweepers will control debris from outer space that has accumulated as a result of space exploration that may pose health, environmental and safety concerns.

Future Jobs in Emerging Technologies
  • Digital Identity Planners will help people control and manage their online identity.
  • Global System Architects will transform national technology systems into global ones.
  • Digital Archaeologists will be hired to dig up digital dirt about a person or company from the Internet.
  • Online Community Organizers will build, create, and maintain online communities.
  • Roboticians will service and maintain household robotic devices.
  • Terabyters and Wiki-Writers will research, write and edit online information resources and dictionaries.

Jobs in Health & Human Services
  • Bio-Botic Physicians will work on medical device technologies that improve health and lifespan. These workers will repair devices and resolve complications between the natural biology and nanobots (biological machines)
  • Brain Signal Decoders (Mind Readers) will translate brain signals into words to help patients who are unable to speak.
  • Environmental Health Nurses will treat patients exposed to environmental toxins.
  • Agri-Restaurateurs will grow their own food to prepare meals.
  • Green Careers Coach will teach workers how to create more eco-friendly work environments.

Future Jobs in the Sciences
  • Energy Harvesters will combine engineering and construction skills to explore alternative forms of energy.
  • Extinction Revivalists are genetics specialists who will revive extinct species of animals.

Future Jobs in Organizational Management & Leadership
  • Chief Experience Officers will oversee sales, marketing, and human resources and be in charge of managing customer and employee satisfaction levels.
  • Talent Aggregators will maintain databases on workers for hire, and mobilize them quickly for projects.
  • Global Sourcing Managers will act as logistics experts who understand global supplier relationship, international customs and international law.

For more information on employment trends, visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov) and the World Future Society (www.wfs.org).

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