Hey, Android fans: Get Plants vs. Zombies for free on Amazon, May 31

Plants vs. Zombies Android
We can all likely agree on two things: 1. Plants vs. Zombies is one awesome little game and 2. getting it for free is even cooler. That must be why Bejeweled Blitz creator PopCap and Amazon have joined forces to release the game for Android phones through the Amazon App Store for free on day one. Pocket Gamer reports that for two weeks starting May 31, the lawn-defending game will be exclusively available on the Amazon App Store for two weeks for $2.99 (after the freebie launch day, of course).

The Seattle-based casual games behemoth--who recently gobbled up Baking Life creator ZipZapPlay--will also release mobile puzzler Chuzzle exclusively through the Amazon App Store starting tomorrow, May 17, through May 30. Luckily, Chuzzle will also sell for zilch on day one and for $2.99 during the nearly two weeks after. However, it's unknown whether the games will be available elsewhere after their two-week tours on Amazon. Though, if PopCap likes money, we can't see why not.

[Image Credit: Games Radar]

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