A Mystical Land: Cartoony MMO bakes in Facebook sharing

A Mystical Land
The Facebook MMO (massively multiplayer game) fusion churns away with the release of A Mystical Land, a full-3D fantasy Facebook MMO by Berlin-based Neonga and Oregon-based Mad Otter Games. In A Mystical Land, players will journey through the land of Ardent, filled with monsters, magic and mighty warriors. You know, all that good stuff you can thank Tolkien and Dungeons and Dragons for. Unlike previous Facebook MMOs, this one in particular will soon bake Facebook right into the game, allowing players to post milestones to their Walls and add Facebook friends from within the game.

"A Mystical Land invites players to enter a world that has never been seen on Facebook before," says Neonga COO Markus Melching. "With its adorable look and feel, cheerful characters and charming setting, A Mystical Land provides the ideal game for Facebook users."

Because it's a 3D Facebook game, a plug-in called the Portalarium Player (remember what Richard Garriott was up to?) is required to play A Mystical Land. Though, if you're a big enough fantasy fanboy or girl, we're sure it'll be worth a shot.

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