IHOP Rolls Out Frozen Breakfast Line in the Grocery Aisle

IHOP freezer pastriesIHOP lovers rejoice. The fabled pancake house has launched a new line of frozen breakfast items inspired by its 1,513-unit restaurant chain.

The IHOP at Home line is now available at most Wal-Mart stores and includes both savory and sweet items designed with affordability and convenience in mind. Each of the breakfast foods can be prepared quickly and can easily be taken on the go, Jennifer Pendergrass, a spokeswoman for IHOP, told WalletPop.

While prices will vary by store location, the suggested retail price for the savory items, such as Omelet Crispers and the Griddle n' Sausage wrap, is about $3.79; the price for the sweet items, such as the French Toast Stuffed Pastries, is about $2.85.

The breakfast line is the result of a licensing agreement between IHOP and Golden County Foods, which is manufacturing and distributing the products.

But how does IHOP at Home compare taste-wise to the restaurant experience? "IHOP's food and beverage innovation team was very involved in the creation of the new IHOP at Home line," says Pendergrass.

Although you won't find the new breakfast meals on the menu at an IHOP, Pendergrass says, "They're certainly the same high premium quality and the same craveable flavors you can expect from your IHOP restaurant."

But by now you're probably asking, "But what about the pancakes?" For the time being, IHOP -- originally known as the International House of Pancakes -- has left its signature buttermilk pancakes out of its frozen food line, says Pendergrass.

But don't despair: "There are plans to extend the product line," she says. So you just might be able to get your flapjack fix down the road. "We also anticipate they'll be available at other grocery locations in the future," Pendergrass adds.

IHOP fanatics can check out the entire line at ihopathome.com.
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