How to Make Your Work Clothes Chic on the Cheap

A woman's suit for work can run anywhere from $300 at Banana Republic (not on sale) to $3,000 for a bespoke custom job. Even if dress codes relax with the hotter weather, it often makes sense to have an interview-ready outfit in the closet. But the mall might not be the best shopping destination for a memorable ensemble.

New to You

Shareen Mitchell owns Shareen Vintage in New York City and Los Angeles. She is known for carefully curating vintage looks in a way that never look like "old clothes." Mitchell also keeps an eye toward value; just because her clothes are antiques, they're not priced that way. Many dresses cost around $50 to $60.

Mitchell also "re-works" clothing. She will take a vintage piece and tailor it or take it completely apart. The result is a brand new design with a nod toward some past era.

Work It

Whether seeking an updated look or prepping for job interviews, women don't have to break the bank, according to Mitchell. It's all about classics with a twist.

"Go to a local thrift store and buy basic classics," she says. "You can always add a modern belt or a scarf or a great modern shoe to anything classic and make it look professional and 'today'."

Considering the economy, Mitchell also stressed the need avoid the trends and to pick up a needle and thread.

"Learn how to hem," she says.

And once on the job, she advises to say "yes" to unexpected things. This businesswoman -- who was poor seven years ago and now has two businesses -- is convinced that saying "yes" helps people discover new things that they're good at.

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