FarmVille's 'unreleased' items: Do you sneak a peek or look the other way? [Poll]

farmville unreleased: do you dig em?

FarmVille 'unreleased' items or FarmVille sneak peeks have been a staple of - The Blog! since, well, we started writing about Zynga's Facebook farm game waay back in 2009 (Can you believe the game's only been around for two years? I can't.). These articles give you a first look at features and special items that might be coming soon in the game, such as the Lady Gaga Gem Tree and Crystal Sheep.

My question to you is: Do you like getting the scoop on what's coming next in FarmVille? Or, do you prefer to avoid spoilers and keep the next big update a surprise? Sound off in today's lunchtime poll:

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