FarmVille Mystery Game (05/15/2011): Purple items take over the store

The FarmVille Mystery Game has been updated this evening, with a new (alright, maybe not all of the items are new, but you get the idea) exclusive purple item theme. These purple items come in the form of both animals and decorations, with their being three of each.

This week's Mystery Game retains the game's "normal" price tag of 16 Farm Cash per dart. For that price, you'll have a chance at winning one of the following:

Lavender Garden
Purple Frog
Purple Mane Pony
Purple Martins
Purple Stallion
Violet Fountain

For those that are interested, the Purple Frog was previously available as a prize in a Mystery Box. Meanwhile, the Purple Mane Pony was also a Mystery Box item, that has also been previously released as a Mystery Game prize (last December, to be exact).

Whether you're after these re-released items, or those that are brand new to the game, you'll only have a week to collect your prizes, as this week's Mystery Game will expire - you guessed it - one week from now, when new items take center stage.

What do you think of this purple color theme? What other colors would you like to see given their own Mystery Games? Let us know in the comments.