CityVille: City Cash and coins on sale for limited time, but is it worthwhile?


Well mayors, a new sale has started in CityVille, allowing you to pick up discounted City Cash and coin packages. But, the discount is only 10% off. Sure, that saves you more on the larger packages (like a savings of $10 on the largest $100 package), but otherwise this seems pretty pointless.

For those that had been saving their Zynga Game Cards for a sale - this probably isn't worth turning it in. The smallest of the three options still costs $18, which only saves you $2 when purchasing 179 City Cash. As it stands, City Cash has always been one of the most affordable premium currencies in Zynga's catalog, so it seems to me that if they really wanted the sale to stand out, they'd mark down packages more - by at least 25% and then try again.

Do you think the same thing? Is a 10% sale on premium currency really worthwhile, or is it more insulting to users? Let us know in the comments.