Cafe World Open Mic Night Goals: Everything you need to know

A set of five new goals has slowly started rolling out to Cafe World players today called "Open Mic Night." This set of goals coincides with the release of a new item theme in the game's store, which is long overdue (that is, any update is better than the drought we've had recently).

The first goal in this series sees you starting small, cooking just ten dishes, but then asks for a pretty high coin amount in the process.

Serve Atomic Buffalo Wings 5 Times
Serve BBQ Chicken 5 Times
Earn 50,000 coins

Atomic Buffalo Wings take three hours to cook, while BBQ Chicken takes five hours. Unfortunately, cooking just ten dishes isn't going to get you to the 50,000 coins barrier, so you'll either need to cook far more dishes (preferably those with high payouts), or simply sell items from your inventory to raise your in-game coin amount by 50,000 total. This first goal rewards you with the Microphone decoration for finishing.

Part II of V jumps back into the expected quest requirements, forcing you to ask your friends for items.

Serve Rackasaurus Ribs 45 Times
Ask for 5 Stage Lights
Ask for 5 Guitar Picks

Rackasaurus Ribs take 10 hours to cook, so remember to look in your Gift Box for any extra servings you can serve instantly to help move this task along. As for the other tasks, you'll need to ask your friends for help, or you can purchase each individual item with Cafe Cash if you'd rather not bug them. For finishing this second goal, you'll receive an Open Mic Guitarist decoration.

Part III of V doesn't slow down on either the cooking or the item collecting - in fact, it makes them worse.

Serve Tostada de Carne Asada 60 Times
Ask for 7 Chicken Breasts
Ask for 8 Rubber Chickens

Each serving of Tostada de Carne Asada takes eight hours to cook. While this is less time than for the Rackasaurus Ribs, the fact that you have to serve them 15 more times more than dissolves any time you might have saved otherwise. At least you'll have 15 collectible items to work on while you're waiting. Finishing this halfway point in the mission series gives you the Open Mic Comic decoration (hence the chickens).

For Part IV of V - you guessed it - it's more of the same, with more items required this time around.

Serve Tempura Udon 70 Times
Ask for 9 Bongo Drums
Ask for 9 Large Eggs

The Tempura Udon takes - wait for it - 22 hours to cook. I hope you're a fairly high level in the game, able to have tons of stoves cooking at once, or this goal is set to leave you waiting for quite some time before moving on. When you do finally finish, you'll receive an Open Mic Poet.

Finally, Part V of V ends the series by slightly increasing the items you need to collect, but also increasing the food - a lot.

Serve Chicken Gyro and Fries 50 Times
Serve Chicken Pot Pie 45 Times
Ask for 19 Frying Oil

Chicken Gyro and Fries is a 10 minute dish (thank goodness), while Chicken Pot Pie takes a full two days to cook. If you've been saving spices, now would definitely be the time to break them out, or you'll be waiting upwards of two or even four days (depending on how many stoves you have) to finish this one. Once you do, however, you'll receive the best prize of the entire set - the exclusive Chicken Fingers recipe.

All told, you'll earn quite a few new decorations, and of course a new recipe for finishing these goals, but they aren't easy to complete in the slightest. Hopefully, with enough help from your friends, you'll be able to finish this one sooner, rather than later.

[Source: Cafe World Times]

What do you think of the Open Mic Goals? Would you rather more variety be available in the goals, rather than just cooking and item collecting? Let us know in the comments.
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