FrontierVille: Selling animals from Livestock Pen rewards no food


Some FrontierVille users have come across a very interesting tweak that has appeared with the game's new Livestock Pen animal storage building - if you use the building's menu to sell the animals that are inside, you won't be rewarded with any Food. That's right, if you want to receive Food from the Pigs, Goats, and Sheep that you sell, you'll need to first remove the animals from the Livestock Pen and sell them the old fashioned way.

A time consuming process, right? Luckily, the situation right now leads us to believe that this very well might be a bug, or at least an oversight on Zynga's part. As there has been no official confirmation (as of this writing) that this is the way things were intended to function, we'll chalk it up to a bug and hope the development team fixes the issue. In the meantime, if you're looking to complete the Canning Master missions by selling off your excess adult animals for your Food supply, make sure you remove them from the Livestock Pen first, or selling them will be moot.

Have you experienced this issue in FrontierVille? Does the lack of Food from selling change your opinion about the Livestock Pen, or will you continue to use it as normal? Let us know in the comments.