FarmVille Scottish Animals: Westie and Scottish Flag Ewe


Two new animals have been released in the limited edition Scotland item theme in FarmVille this weekend, with both being animals we gave you a sneak peek of yesterday. The two animals are the Westie and the Scottish Flag Ewe, both of which cost Farm Cash.

The Westie, it should be noted, may be a dog, but not in the way that you're probably thinking. This isn't a puppy that you'll grow into an adult - it's simply a full-grown regular animal that you'd purchase in the same was as, say, a Duck or a Cow. You can "harvest" the dog every two days, and will gain 1800 experience points for purchasing it for 18 Farm Cash. Meanwhile, the Scottish Flag Ewe costs 20 Farm Cash. Presumably, the fact that it's called an actual "Ewe," and not just a "Sheep" would mean that this blue color has now been added to the range of Sheep Breeding possibilities, but remember: after the recent changes to the inheritance rate of both colors and patterns, your own mileage may vary. Ultimately, would I suggest purchasing this Ewe if you are a sheep breeder? Probably not. It is cute though, if you just like to collect them (like I do).

Either way, both of these animals will be in the game's store for the next two weeks. You've lost a bit of time already though, due to this early update, so the items won't be available until Sunday evening two weeks from now as usual. Keep that in mind as you decide what to purchase and what to pass on this time around.

What do you think of these new Scottish animals? Have you had any success receiving the blue color when breeding the Scottish Flag Ewe? Let us know in the comments.