FarmVille Scotland Decorations: Scottish Mansion, Castle Ruins, Lake Nessie and more

In an early FarmVille update this weekend, we've seen the launch of seven new building and decorative items in the current limited edition Scotland item theme. To be specific, there is one new building and five new decorations ready to purchase, along with one re-released decorative item. The new building is the Scottish Mansion, which earns its name by having one of the largest building footprints we've seen in the game to date.

For its size, the Scottish Mansion is actually a bit cheaper than I expected, bring priced at 30 Farm Cash (I honestly expected something in the realm of 45 Farm Cash, just from experience). Does this mean you should jump up right away and purchase a Farm Cash card? Ultimately, that will be up to you, but the 3,000 XP you earn from purchasing the item just might be enough to sway some farmers.

You can find the rest of the new Scottish items behind the break.
For the decorative items, the one re-release we've seen also happens to be just one of the two Farm Cash items in this update. Lake Nessie was first seen in the game way back in the April Fool's Day event of 2010. The high price then is the same as now - 56 Farm Cash, or more than $10 by the current conversion rate. The other Farm Cash item is much cheaper, and is a newcomer to the game. The Ruined Bridge costs 15 Farm Cash.

Meanwhile, the final four items cost coins, and are the Castle Ruins at 320,000 coins, the Thistle Flowers for 3,000 coins, the Stone Fence for 6,000 coins and the Stone Gate for 10,000 coins. Remember, the Gate and Fence prices are for individual pieces; this could become a mighty expensive outing if you decide to separate en entire area of your farm with Stone Fencing at a cost of 6,000 coins each, so keep that in mind.

No matter which item you choose to purchase, all of these decorations (and the Scottish Mansion), will leave the game in just under two weeks. Since we've seen a re-release of Lake Nessie, it's possible that some of these other items will return to the game in the future, but on the chance that they don't, make sure you purchase what you can / want now just to be safe.

What do you think of these Scottish buildings / decorations? Do you like seeing the comical Lake Nessie item re-released as a serious decoration? Do you think the price is worth it? Let us know in the comments.
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