FarmVille Scotland Decorations Sneak Peek: Violet Fountain, Scottish Mansion, Purple Martin and more


We've come across a whole slew of unreleased items in FarmVille, which we believe will be launching in the game as early as this weekend. Most of these items appear to come in the current Scottish theme of limited edition items, and we believe that three of these nine items will be separated into this week's Mystery Game (as purple looks to be the theme).

The new items are the Purple Martin, Lavender Garden, Violet Fountain, Scottish Thistle Flowerbed, Scottish Bridge, Scottish Fence and the Scottish Gate. Remember, it's likely that the Purple Martin will be one of the many decorative bird pairs that are just that - decorative, and aren't able to earn a profit for you on your farm. As for the fencing, that will likely cost anywhere from 5,000 coins to 10,000 coins for a single piece, so you'll be able to create an entire themed area on your land using these items for relatively cheap.

We'll make sure to let you know when these items officially launch in the game and how you can add them to your farm, so keep checking back.

What do you think of these Scottish decorations? Do you think this week's Mystery Game will be purple in theme? Let us know in the comments.