FarmVille GagaVille Sneak Peek: Gem Tree, Crystal Fountain, Lady Gaga Costume and more


Heads-up little monsters! It looks like the Lady Gaga-themed "GagaVille" set of items in FarmVille is going to be a rather large one, if this recent set of unreleased images is anything to go by. There are two trees, some decorations, and even two avatar costumes that will apparently be coming to the game later this month, and we've got all of those image here for you to gaze upon until they're actually available in the store.

The two trees are the Gem Tree and Giant Gem Tree. While they are in no way realistic, they're very pretty and I can't wait to add one of each (or more) to my farm(s). As for the decorations, there's a Chrome Black Roses Flowerbed and a Crystal Fountain. Finally, to dress up your avatar, you can purchase either the Gaga Glasses, or a male or female version of the Lady Gaga Costume. The names of the two costumes may be placeholders right now, as we expect each to be given a more specific name upon their final release.

With all of these items, plus some unreleased animals, this GagaVille promotion is shaping up to be one interesting event! We'll make sure to bring you more coverage about GagaVille as we know more, so keep checking back.

What do you think of these new decorations? Will you dress your in-game avatar up as Lady Gaga? Let us know in the comments.

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