FarmVille GagaVille Animal Sneak Peek: Gaga Horse, Hair Sheep, Crystal Sheep

If you're a fan of purple, outlandish FarmVille animals, crystals, or just Lady Gaga in general, that you're set to love the set of items coming to GagaVille last this month. We've come across a set of unreleased animals that combine all of those things and more. There's a horse and foal, along with two sheep here that are so darn cute / outlandish that my wallet is already starting to cry from all of the Farm Cash they'll likely cost.

First and foremost, it looks like there will be a horse named after Gaga herself. The Gaga Horse will most likely be made available for Farm Cash in the store, while the Foal can presumably be bred in the same way as all others, by simply using the Horse Stable. Meanwhile, the other two animals are the Hair Sheep (whose hairstyle reminds us a lot of Elvira) and the Crystal Sheep, which really needs no explanation. The only thing I can say is that I want one - aw heck, I want 12!

The only thing that's worrying about these animals is that they will likely cost more Farm Cash than we're used to, simply due to their incredibly exclusive / cross-branding nature. Hopefully, Zynga will pleasantly surprise us and release these items for close to those prices that we're used to (say, 24-26 Farm Cash for the Gaga Horse and 12-16 Farm Cash per Sheep), but if not, don't say I didn't warn you.

What do you think of these Lady Gaga-inspired animals? Have you jumped on the hype train for all things GagaVille, or are you going to stick to your regular, "normal" farm? Let us know in the comments.