FarmVille: Brown Squirrel available as limited time free gift


It's not everyday that we see a limited time free gift being released in FarmVille that's actually worthwhile, but tonight's release of the Brown Squirrel (in my humble opinion) definitely is. These cute little critters have been made available in the game previously, starting last June as part of the Mystery Gift system, but you've never been able to purchase them outright from the store.

This necessity of luck likely means that a lot of farmers have gone without, until now. Now, all you need to do is send some of these cute little fellas to your friends as you would any other free gift, and then sit back as your friends return the favor. You'll have a whole group of fluffy squirrels in no time! Speaking of time, you can only send these Brown Squirrels to your friends for a limited time so get to it! You don't want to miss out on this great chance to add another animal (or 10) to your collection!

Did you already have Brown Squirrels on your land? What do you think of these limited time free gifts? Let us know in the comments.