Cafe World Sous Chef Goals: Everything you need to know

If you're still struggling with stoves in Cafe World that aren't super (that is, don't offer one-click cooking), you can now change that (at least temporarily) through an ongoing feature called the Sous Chef. As you complete a set of six new Sous Chef Station goals, you'll be able to hire a crew of chefs comprised of your friends, and will then be able to instantly cook dishes on all of your stoves with one click.

As we said though, to be able to do this, you'll first need to complete some goals. The first is called Build a Sous Station.

Place Sous Chef Station
Collect 5 Counters
Collect 5 Cabinets

As usual, you'll need to ask your friends to send you the required counters and cabinets, while placing the Sous Chef Station is as simple as clicking on the "Place" button in the goal menu and finding an empty square in your cafe. For finishing this first goal, you'll unlock the Sous Chef feature proper, which you can learn more about behind the break.
Before Sous Chef Remy can actually go to work in your Cafe, you'll need to hire him a crew of line cooks and other assistants. This is done by simply asking your friends to fill one of six positions on your Sous Chef Crew. You can also fill each position for either three or five Cafe Cash, although you might want to skip that option as it can become expensive fast. Why? There's a catch to this Sous Chef feature - your crew will only remain active for seven days, at which point you'll have to hire friends all over again to re-enable the one-click instant cooking for all of your stoves.

You'll also need to train your crew before being able to put them to work, which is where the rest of our goals come in. First, goal two has you simply "Hiring the Chef's Crew," which is what we discussed above.

For goal three, you'll have to actually start the training process. The third goal has you cooking just a handful of dishes, along with collecting some kitchen utensils.

Cook 3 Clubhouse Sandwhich
Collect 5 Knives
Collect 7 Tasting Spoons

Again, ask your friends to send you these items, and while you're waiting, you can cook your Clubhouse Sandwich, which takes 18 hours to prepare.

As for the fourth goal, we're getting more into actual cooking, but you'll still have to collect some items from friends.

Serve 10 Chips and Guacamole
Serve 10 Tikka Masala Kabobs
Collect 12 Calamata Olives

Chips and Guacamole takes three minutes to cook, while Tikka Masala Kabobs take one hour.

There are just two goals left, with the fifth goal being more of the same - some cooking and some item collecting.

Serve 10 Spitfire Roasted Chicken
Serve 5 Crackling Peking Duck
Collect 10 Tahitian Punch

Spitfire Roast Chicken takes a full day to cook, while Crackling Peking Duck takes slightly less time at 18 hours.

Finally, the last of these six goals goes back to almost solely item collection tasks, aside from four servings of a dessert.

Serve 4 Chocolate Cream Pie
Collect 7 Pastry Knives
Collect 10 Bags of Pastry Flour

Chocolate Cream Pie takes just four hours to cook, which should still give you plenty of time to collect at least a portion of the required knives and bags of flour. Once you finish this goal, you'll be able to fully take advantage of the Sous Chef feature in your cafe, but remember, you can only use the instant one-click universal cooking for seven days before having to recharge your crew. Does that make the feature worth it? I suppose I can see the draw of completing it at least once, just to say you have, but after that the choice will ultimately be up to you.

What do you think? Will you continue to take advantage of this feature by refilling your crew every week, or do you already have super stoves filling you cafe, making this feature fairly useless? Let us know in the comments.
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