Sid Meier's Civilization World to conquer Facebook this summer

Civ World Alpha
Real time strategy games are no stranger to Facebook--just look at, oh, every Kabam game out there--but the arguable god of RTS games, Civilization, is coming to Facebook this summer. Civilization creator Sid Meier made the offhand announcement in an interview with CNN. The game, titled Civilization World, has been in alpha testing since January of this year, and is biggest stretch for the franchise yet, according to Meier.

"What was really intriguing to us was being able to emphasize cooperative game play, which was something that really hadn't been a major part of 'Civilization' up to now," he said to CNN. "A lot of our design in 'Civ World' was taking advantage and using these opportunities for players to work together -- teamwork, communication, planning. Those are all the things that become really important to 'Civ World.'"

Meier continued to point out that some Civ World matches--comprising of up to 200 players, which do have an end--can last for up to 12 hours. That sounds like Civilization (and social games) alright. And because the game is being developed with Flash, Meier said that the game looks quite different from standard Civilization fare. Will the average social gamer be ready for gaming sessions lasting half a day? We're going to lean on the side of "absolutely," but reserve full judgment for when the game launches.

[Via Game Focus]

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