Rovio flings Angry Birds Rio update with 30 beach ball-bouncing levels

Angry Birds Rio Update 1.1
What do you to keep the title of best-selling mobile game? Update, update, update! Rovio practices this mantra without missing a beat, as it releases Angry Birds Rio version 1.1. Dubbed "Beach Volley!" the update reigns in 30 new levels packed with new achievements and secret bonuses, and it's free for those who already bought the game. (Are you sold yet?)

The levels all seem to revolve around evil, tropical moneys and beach balls, which hopefully explain why this game is being updated long after the Rio film was released. If your interest in flinging flightless birds into poorly-erected structures has been piqued, download the update through this iTunes link.

Rovio recently released Angry Birds to Chrome using HTML5 at Google's I/O Conference, and already a hack was created for it. Now, get to work on unlocking these new levels, guys.

[Image Credit: Apple]

Have you downloaded this new Angry Birds update? If so, what do you think of the new content? How fare do you see the Angry Birds franchise going? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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