Now Hiring: GE Creating 1,000 Manufacturing Jobs

GE JobsGE Transportation has announced plans to open a new manufacturing facility in Fort Worth, Texas, that will employ more than 500 workers by 2012. The plant has the potential to add up to 275 additional workers in subsequent years. In addition, 250 new jobs will be added to GE's long-time home base in Erie, Penn.

GE plans to invest up to $96 million to build the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Texas. The new 900,000-square-foot facility will house manufacturing and assembly of GE's rail and transportation-related products, including fuel-efficient locomotives like the Evolution® Series, which reduces emissions by up to 40 percent and cuts fuel use by 5 percent - the equivalent of 640,000 gallons over its lifetime. Production in the new plant is scheduled to start by 2012.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry already has expressed enthusiasm, saying, "This investment will create a major locomotive manufacturing facility in Fort Worth, along with hundreds of jobs for Texans and millions in capital investment in the area."

GE's Erie plant, which employs over 4,500 people, will be hiring an additional 250 production workers. The facility already has recalled around 800 production workers since late 2010, and announced 450 new jobs since April (including the 250 announced today).

Since 2009, GE has announced the creation of 6,500 new high-tech manufacturing jobs in the U.S., with nearly 1,000 of that total added since April of this year.

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