FrontierVille: Building customization options disappear, but is it a bug?

If you've ever been in the mood to redecorate your land in FrontierVille, one of the easiest (and need I say free?) ways to do just that is to change the colors, trim details, and roofs of your buildings. While we used to be able to click on most of our buildings and then customize them in a variety of ways (mentioned above), now, it looks like many of the options for each building have vanished.

Users on the FrontierVille forums spotted this problem that I can personally confirm exists, as I'm suffering from it on my Homestead. When customizing my School House, for instance, all you can customize is the walls. I can't change the type of roof; I can't alter the decoration at the side of the building. Unfortunately, this isn't the only building that's been altered, either intentionally or through some sort of bug, as the Covered Wagon, Foundry, Storage Shed, and Barn (among others) have now all suffered the same fate. But is this a bug, or was it intentional? Mizz Faith, a moderator on the Zynga forums, says that she's checking into the situation, but as of this writing, that's all we know.

Hopefully, this is just a glitch, as I would personally be really disappointed if I wasn't able to change the look of my buildings ever again, to match the seasons, holidays, or just my mood. What do you guys think?

Would you be upset if your buildings had to stay in their current color schemes forever? Let us know in the comments.