FarmVille Royal Wedding Tent: Throw the final party and store your Tent


Back at the end of April, the Royal Wedding Tent was launched in FarmVille. At the time, we were asked to invite as many of our friends over to the party as possible before the big day on May 12. Well, folk, I'm sad to say that the day has passed, and if you didn't get enough friends to your party, your time is now up. However, the Royal Wedding Party itself may not have happened yet on your land. Want to see the royal couple "arrive?" Here's how to do it.

If you don't receive a pop-up like the one above automatically, you can trigger their arrival by clicking on your tent and clicking on "Go to Party." While this menu still shows you your overall progress in the event, when you close the window, this new pop-up should appear. While this is undoubtedly a lackluster ending to the event, you'll need to look at this pop-up to be able to transition the Wedding Tent to its more decorated state. Afterwards, you'll be able to store the Tent, or click on it and click "Celebrate" to see confetti rain down upon the building.

Ultimately, the real motivator here is simply the ability to store the Tent as the event is now over. I honestly had expected much more from Zynga on this one, but maybe that's just me.

What about you guys? Are you disappointed by the Royal Couple's "arrival?" Will you keep your Wedding Tent or sell it? Let us know in the comments.

Originally published