CityVille Sneak Peek: Emergency Clinic upgrades incoming

CityVille Sneak Peek: Emergency Clinic upgrades incoming
CityVille Emergency Clinic Level 1
CityVille Emergency Clinic 2

If you hadn't noticed, there has been a growing trend in Zynga games: It's all about the upgrades. And these images of unreleased Emergency Clinic upgrades in CityVille, thanks to CityVille Chat, confirm the ongoing fad. If this feature releases to CityVille, players will soon be able to upgrade their Emergency Clinic for it to provide more Ribbons and more Energy with each level upgraded (max of two). According to the leak, increasing your population will unlock the higher Emergency Clinic tiers, which is somewhat different from the other Community Building upgrades. We'll have more details as soon as this new feature launches.

[Image Credit: CityVille Chat]

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