CityVille celebrates the city by the bay with new San Francisco items

Continuing in the overall "trip" to California Zynga is making in CityVille (which started with the Hollywood decorations), we can now celebrate the Golden Gate City by purchasing a set of six San Francisco-themed items from the game's store. These items come in the form of Businesses, a Residence, three decorations, and even a new Landmark.

The new Business is the Cable Car Restaurant, which costs 40 City Cash. While that might be a bit expensive, you'll gain quite a bit of coins for cashing out its profits - 795 coins for every 150 Goods supplied, to be exact. Meanwhile, the Residence is the Beachside Suites, which costs 35 City Cash. This building starts out by adding 300 people to your town, and can be expanded to 620 population over time. You'll be able to collect 246 coins in rent every three days.

As for the landmark, it's the Pyramid Skyrise. It surprisingly costs only 150,000 coins, and will add 1,250 citizens to your maximum population. Of course, there's a catch explaining why it's so cheap - you'll need to collect various building materials to complete its construction after you pay the price for its base.