CityVille: Buy the Bay Point Duplex and Carousel before they're gone!

This week, Zynga has announced that it has made changes to some buildings in CityVille, in an effort to "better tune" the game for "improved gameplay for all." While there haven't been any major, ground-breaking changes announced so far, two existing buildings have been given a new expiration time limit. The Bay Point Duplex and the Carousel have now been marked as expiring in just over one day's time.

For those that haven't purchased either the Bay Point Duplex or the Carousel, you can pick up the Bay Point Duplex from the store for 30,000 coins and the Carousel for 25,000. The Duplex offers anywhere from 230-470 population depending on your random upgrades, while the Carousel allows for an additional 700 citizens to live in your town. After this less than 24 hour time limit, the two items will expire from the store and will be unavailable to purchase.