FrontierVille Swap Meet Goals: Everything you need to know

With the warm weather now hitting the majority of the country, it seems like the perfect time to hold a swap meet. Zynga apparently agrees, as they have launched a two-part goal series in FrontierVille called simply the "Swap Meet" goals. These goals deal with your in-game wishlist, and those of your friends'.

The first goal is called Prairie Swap Meet! and it asks you to complete three simple tasks.

Add Three Items to your Wishlist
Remove One Item from your Wishlist
Tend Five Neighbor Crops

For those that don't use the feature, you can add and remove items to/from the wishlist very easily by simply heading in to look at your Collections. Then just click on the small paper icon at the bottom left of each collectible to add that item to your wishlist. To remove, click on the red X below items currently on the list. Finishing this first goal gives you just 55 XP.