FrontierVille Fort Courage / Shower Goals: Everything you need to know

Along with building a Shower for Lt. Flintlock in FrontierVille, you'll also need to complete a five-part set of goals detailing Fort Courage and the new Shower building. The first goal sees you simply placing a Shower on your land.

Harvest 30 Potatoes
Place the Shower
Craft 1 Sawhorse in the Barn

Sawhorses are crafted using five Planks and two Tools, with Planks themselves being a craft item from the Covered Wagon, which take 7 Wood and 250 coins each to make. Finishing this first goal gives you 100 coins, 250 XP, and one Care Package.Part II of V asks you to deal with some trees, along with a ton of Peppermint Bushes

Chop Trees 20 Times on your Homestead or a Neighbors'
Harvest 50 Peppermint
Collect 10 Soap Dishes

The Peppermint must be done on your own Homestead. Meanwhile, you can collect the Soap Dishes by posting a general news feed item asking all of your friends to help. Finishing this goal gives you 200 Coins, 25 Cloth and 300 XP.

Part III of V still doesn't require you to use your new Shower, but that's coming shortly.

Craft 3 Fancy Clothing in the General Store
Hire 5 Neighbors
Visit 15 Neighbors

Unfortunately, hiring neighbors will take you quite a long time, as you can only ever hire (at most) three at one time. Meanwhile, the Fancy Clothing are made from two Ribbon and two Clothes each, with the Clothes being another crafted item that's created inside the Cabin using 6 Cloth and 500 coins each. For completing this goal, you'll earn 500 coins, 350 XP and one Fast Hands Boost.

Moving on, Part IV of V actually requires you to use your new Shower, so make sure to check out our complete guide to building it.

Clean Soldiers 3 Times
Collect 15 Loofahs
Have or Collect 2 Downy Feathers

You can only clean soldiers once every eight hours. The Loofahs are earned via individual requests sent to friends, and finally, the Downy Feathers are the reward for completing either the Goose or Chicken Coop Collections. Finishing this mission gives you 750 coins, 500 XP, and one Equestrian Horse, a black iron horse decoration.

Finally, Part V of V sees Lt. Flintlock trying to woo Bess in the short time that he'll be on your Homestead.

Tend 20 Non-Rideable Horses on your Homestead or your Neighbors'
Collect 5 Daily Bonuses from the Barn
Harvest 40 Pink Roses

If you still have any of those Intuit Business Boosts, now would be the time to break them out, or you're looking at waiting four days to complete this single quest. Meanwhile, make sure to tend regular (old) Horses for this task, or your work won't count. For finishing off the Shower / Fort Courage mission set, you'll receive 1,000 XP, 1,000 coins and one Toy Solider decoration.

Just as quickly as they arrived on your Homestead, finishing this mission set will see them quickly moving on their way, leaving your Homestead the next time you refresh the game. The Shower can remain on your land, however, to allow you to continue collecting its daily bonus, which grants you everything from coins and experience points to some Water Well building ingredients, among other goodies. I suppose that being the case, we can't really complain if the soliders come and go so quickly.

Check out the rest of our FrontierVille Cheats & Tips right here.

What do you think of the Fort Courage / Shower missions? Would you prefer if Lt. Flintlock became a permanent resident on your land? Let us know in the comments.
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