FrontierVille Building a Shower: Everything you need to know

With today's FrontierVille update, we've seen the launch of a new building and quest line dealing with a new character in the game - Lt. Flintlock (like the pistol). Lt. Flintlock apparently has taken a liking to Bess, and has decided to set up camp near our Homesteads. The troops are on their way to Fort Courage, but before they leave, they'd like to shower and get some rest, which is where you come in. You'll need to build the troops a shower, which is a new complete building project in the game.

While this feature is slowly rolling out to players, once you have it in your game, the Shower will be unlocked for users level 25 and above. It requires six new building ingredients to complete. Remember, this goes along with a new mission set as well, so don't scoff it off just yet.