FarmVille Scotland Trees: Ash Tree & Rowan Tree


A brand spanking new theme has launched in FarmVille this evening, saying goodbye to the English Countryside, but not to our trip overseas. The new theme is based on Scotland, and just as we predicted yesterday, the theme contains two new trees - the Ash Tree and the Rowan Tree. While the Rowan Tree may have seemed as though it would be the more expensive of the pair, it's actually the level one tree, costing 5 Farm Cash to add to your farm. The Ash Tree, meanwhile, costs more, at 10 Farm Cash.

Want to save some cash? Remember that it's smartest to completely ignore the more expensive tree with these releases, as you will likely be able to come across one or more from Mystery Seedlings (either those claimed from your friends on your news feed, or those that you receive from a purchased Rowan Tree). No matter how you get these trees onto your land, they'll only be available in the game's store for the next two weeks. Personally, this is one time I'm glad I have some extra Farm Cash on hand, as that Rowan Tree is just screaming my name.

What do you think of these two new trees? Do you like the new Scotland theme in the game, or were you happy to see the English Countryside theme continue even longer? Let us know in the comments.