FarmVille Scotland Decorations: Scottish Barn, Piper Gnome, Bluebell Woods & More


Rounding out our correct predictions, tonight's FarmVille update brought with it the expected set of Scotland-themed decorations and buildings. Specifically, there are two new buildings to purchase along with four new decorations, all in a brand new Scotland theme. It's unknown right now whether or not the Scotland theme will expand beyond this initial release, so pay special attention to these first items in case they happen to be the final items as well.

The two new buildings are the Scottish Barn and the Crofting Cottage. The Scottish Barn is the premium item in the pair, costing 25 Farm Cash. While that might be a high number, it's not uncommon to see buildings cost 35 or more Farm Cash, so this is actually quite a "discount" at the end of the day. If that number still isn't low enough for you, you can purchase the Crofting Cottage instead, for 300,000 coins. As both items are rather expensive, you'll receive ample experience points for purchasing them - 2500 for the Scottish Barn and 3000 for the Crofting Cottage.

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