FarmVille Scotland Animals: Highland Cow and Eriskay Pony

Well, things are turning out just as we suspected farmers. Tonight's FarmVille update saw the launch of the brand new Scotland theme in the game's marketplace, and with it came the two new animals we brought you a sneak peek of just yesterday - the Highland Cow and the Eriskay Pony.

As usual, adding either of these adorable animals to your collections won't be cheap - you'll need to shell out 22 Farm Cash for the cow and 24 Farm Cash for the pony. If you make the splurge, remember that you have the chance of breeding these animals. The Highland Cow will of course give off the Highland Calf, while the Eriskay Pony will - you guessed it - breed the Eriskay Pony Foal which can be shared with your friends. Maybe one day we'll actually get to keep our own bred foals (which would be great, needless to say), so if that day comes, you'll want to make sure to have as large a collection as possible. Make sure to pick these two up within the next two weeks, before they leave the store (possibly for good).

What other sorts of Scottish animals would you like to see released in the FarmVille marketplace. How large are your cow and horse collections? Let us know in the comments.