FarmVille 'I'm Done' Avatar feature helps things ... get done

FarmVille I'm Done feature
FarmVille I'm Done feature

Ever wanted something to just ... be done? We're not 100 percent on what we meant by that, but so do we. Thankfully, Zynga has swooped in and done just that with a new feature we'll call "I'm Done" to FarmVille. Now, when friends visit your farm and do their thing, a new icon will appear over their head that reads just that, "I'm Done." Again, thankfully, it's more useful than your friend's avatars acting like toddlers who just finished lunch and are ready to play. The feature allows you to then click on the "Visit Farm" button below to return the favor. You know, we're getting the feeling that players aren't necessarily ... (how do I say this?) doing their part? There have been quite a few features designed around helping your friends out more easily and more prominent. Could it be that players are more selfish in social games than we thought? Oh well, just a idea.

[Source and Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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