CityVille Upgrade your Bank: Everything you need to know


It seems that every single community building might be heading for an upgrade in CityVille, at the rate this is going. First we had the Post Office and Police Station, and now we can add the Bank to the list of upgradeable buildings in the game. To upgrade the Bank, you'll need to click on the building (after collecting its profits, where applicable), and then make sure you have enough friends (or Samantha bonuses) to fill the eight total positions needed to upgrade the building. After all, for a bigger business, you need more staff to run it.

Once that's done, your Bank will go from a population allowance of 250 citizens to allowing 350 citizens to live in your town. You'll also earn the chance to receive Gold Plating and bonus energy every time you collect the profits from your Bank from there on in. Once reaching this level, you can upgrade yet again by having 10 positions filled. This gives you a chance to earn two Gold Plating and even more bonus energy when collecting. Currently, level 3 is as high as you can take your Bank in terms of upgrades.

We'll make sure to let you know whether or not more upgrades come to other buildings in the game.

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Have you started upgrading your Bank? What do you think of all of these building upgrades in the game? Let us know in the comments.