CityVille offers the glitz and glam with new Hollywood decorations

In addition to the rewards you'll receive by completing the Movie Star Goals in CityVille, you can also purchase a set of businesses, homes and decorations in the game's store in the same Hollywood theme.

For the lone Business, you can pick up the Bowling Alley, which costs just 6,000 coins. It needs 180 Goods to operate, and you'll be able to collect 765 coins of profit every time those Goods are used. Meanwhile, a single residence is also available to purchase - the Private Estate, which starts at a population of 120 that can be expanded to 220 citizens. It costs 7,500 coins and gives off 150 coins in profit regardless of the number of citizens "living" in it.

The other items are decorations, and you can find out all about them behind the break.
There are five decorative goodies currently available in the game, with some being available for both coins or City Cash.

Celebrity Trailer - 24,000 coins - 9% bonus payout
Star Walk (sidewalk) - 50 coins per piece
Celebrity Billboard - 15 City Cash - 6% bonus payout
Daring Rescue (movie scene) - 24,000 coins - 9% bonus payout
Alien Attack (movie scene) - 20 City Cash - 14% bonus payout

While the Bowling Alley business may not immediately scream of a Hollywood theme, plenty of movies contain scenes inside them, so I can definitely find the connection (oh, and "They call me the dude").

While none of these items have a listed expiration date, it's likely that some of them won't be around forever, so shop fast!

Do you plan on creating your own movie set in your city? Which scenes will you include or ignore? Do you like the idea of creating a Hollywood Walk of Fame in your town? Let us know in the comments.
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