CityVille Movie Star Goals: Everything you need to know


A few days ago, we gave you the heads-up that some glitz and glam would be coming to CityVille by way of a new in-game character named Bella Bennett. Bella's a movie star, whose next film is taking place in your town! You'll need to complete five goals to finish off this project, with the first being called Star in the City!

Star in the City stars us off relatively easily:

Collect from any Hotel Suite in your city one time
Have 1 Television Tower in your City
Ask friends for 3 Autograph Books

If you don't already have a Television Tower in your city, you can purchase one from the store for 12,000 coins. It's a community building that will let you add 350 more citizens to your town. Finishing this first goal gives you the Frog Pond decoration, which may not seem very Hollywood-themed, but just think - all films have to have some sort of natural backdrop, right? The Frog Pond offers a 12% bonus to the payout of surrounding buildings.