Tilt To Live creator cleverly announces new iOS project, Outwitters

For some reason, developers seem to think that casual gamers are bound to become stat-crunching strategy enthusiast someday. One Man Left, creators of iPhone mega hit Tilt To Live, have announced their next iOS project: Outwitters. The game focuses on turn-based, strategic gameplay with a heavy emphasis in multiplayer, Touch Arcade reports.

Outwitters Feedback
Outwitters GameplayAnd capturing the casual audience with a stripped strategy game that focuses on fun is exactly what One Man Left intends. The game's available characters are split into six classes: Soldier, Heavy, Runner, Medic, Sniper and Scrambler. (Hey this sounds a lot like a super popular shooter, no?) The goal of the game is destroy your opponent's base using ideal combinations of the six roles.

"The phrase 'I don't usually like this type of game, but...' has already come up in testing, which is definitely what we're aiming for," the developer said on its blog. "But how do we know if we're on the right track? We're recruiting testers that don't like strategy games AND testers that love them, and we're listening," it explained. "And then we're thinking really hard." The game is in development as of this writing, and is due out later this year on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

[Image Credit: One Man Left]

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