Nick Jonas composes soundtrack for Wizard 101 expansion world

Nick Jonas Wizard 101
It's not just famous rap stars that can't stay away from Facebook and casual games, now iconic pop stars have the fever. The Jonas Brothers Band lead vocalist Nick Jonas has composed the soundtrack for the latest Wizard 101 expansion: Wintertusk. The game, a kid-friendly MMO developed and released by KingsIsle, allows kids to become powerful wizards in an academy of magic.

The developer has teased the then mystery composer for about a month, and rightfully so. Considering the kid is younger than me and has already accumulated millions of dollars, incredible fame and expertise in the music world, Jonas is a big deal. Early testers of the new expansion world could interact with a hooded version of the character, which hinted, "I've performed on Saturday Night Live and my initials are not J.B.!" According to Mashable, 2,700 fans guessed the mystery composer correctly in a contest on the Wizard 101 Facebook page. (And a good amount guessed "Justin Bieber" even after Nick's hint.)

And finally, the Jonas Brother has removed his hood to reveal himself--the in the game. Now that Nick has dipped his feet into the world of video game music, it'll be exciting to see if this interest guides him deeper into the industry. (Perhaps a trip over to Facebook is in order.) Wait a second, I don't see a ring on those fingers... Jonas!

[Image Credit: Mashable]

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