Video: Moms, get off Facebook (games) and play with your kids


Mom, get off of FarmVille for five minutes--you're going to want to see this. has posted a viral video campaign against mothers who neglect their kids in favor of Facebook. The social network has not only become a place for some mothers to make long lost connections and find new friends, it has become the friend. While the video doesn't call out social games directly, for a large portion of women on Facebook, that friend is called FarmVille. Judging from the tone of the advertisement, we'd say that would agree as well, the video's creator. This is far from the first time that the potentially deadly combination of mothers and Facebook games had been made aware to us. Let's all hope that this helps it be the last.

[Via All Facebook]

Are you a FarmVille playing mother? How do you balance your time in FarmVille with your children and family? Do you know of someone who visibly fails to balance the two? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.

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